“Ya’ll Got The AutoTunes” ?

We just got done reading a great article regarding AutoTune. It still exist, it still comes up, and it is still heavily used. How it is brought up still gives us a laugh during sessions. As if those artist who didn’t plan on being in Sister Act lack the ability to accept that AutoTune does not turn you into the person you hear/admire. Be it (Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Future..) This is not a list that needs to go on, but you get our point! Long story short an engineer Dan Zorn whom works at Chicago Based studio (Studio 11) wrote this great article pointing out that “I wanted to debunk this first, as some people come to me asking about the “the Lil Durk Auto-Tune,” or perhaps that classic T-Pain Auto-Tune.” That effect is made from the same plugin—the outcome of the sound that you hear depends on how you set the settings within the program and the pitch of the incoming signal”. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE