Does Acorns really work?

Does Acorns really work? It appears as though it would be the same question I’d ask myself before investing my time/using the micro-savings and investing app. For me just having your money sitting dormant in a savings account not “appreciating” or increasing in any way seems counterproductive. Whether you are looking to help motivate/steer you to be better in the financially disciplined category or simply learn slowly the wonderful world of investing. I appreciate Acorns ability to turn 1 spending into an incentive of taking your natural purchasing itches and rounding up your change to then invest in your what Acorns calls your CORE account. In less than a month utilizing some of the futures such as multiplier, and making a small investment of $10. My CORE account has grossed over $90 in that short time span. I am typically the hesitant to try an app for the phone of this kind when it appears there would be no benefit. Other enjoyable features such as there “Grow your Knowledge” section with good reads and articles on finance tips from savings, handling debt, etc all packed in as well to the Acorns app. Give it a shot if you haven’t already checked use it now. If you do it doesn’t hurt you’ll just get $5 for checking out.

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